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Crusher (Black Hawk MC Book 2) Warning For Mature Adult Audiences 18 Contains Language And Actions Some May Deem Offensive Sexually Explicit Content MF In Book Two Of Black Hawk MC Russ Crusher Davis Will Take Over As President Of Black Hawk MC When His Father Steps Down He Realizes The Job Isn T Going To Be Easy But With His Friends, The Club Support And Loyalty Of Its Members Behind Him, There Is No Problems He Can T Solve Carly Monroe Has Been Raised In One Club And Protected By Another But Has No Trust In Either Club Life May Work For Her Friend However, She Has No Plans To Follow In Her Footsteps, Not For Sami Or For The Man Whose Touch Puts Cracks In The Wall She S Built Around Her Heart Crusher Knows With A Strong Woman Beside Him, His Impending Presidency Won T Suffer Black Hawk Will Thrive For Future Generations Now All He Has To Do Is Show One Woman That She Doesn T Have To Be Alone Friends, Family, And The Love Of A Good Man Are There If She Will Open Her Heart And Embrace Them.

Carson lives in the South with her son, her Great Dane, and an adopted shelter dog that keeps them in line Books have always been a part of her life Nothing is better to Carson than curling up and relaxing with a good story and losing herself in someone else s world while leaving hers behind Writing stories and growing as an author with each book published, is a goal she wishes to reach She as

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    What a much appreciated little diversion Crusher was from what s been a hellacious week.Crusher had one night with Carly before she figured out he was in an MC Due to her completely screwed up family, she had declared herself D O N E with bikers When some family secrets come to light she runs back to her home and the Haven MC to get some answers.Crusher is definitely an alpha hole but the good kind He s concerned about her safety since she s the target of a rogue biker and his crew from her old MC Crusher does what needs to be done to keep her safe even if it s against her wishes I have to say, his methods and the things he did were sweet as could be.Carly had a bit of an attitude problem against the bikers in Speed s book making her come across as extremely immature Thank goodness that changed in Crusher She s had a rough life and when the truth of who her family actually is came out, you just wanted to hug her as she realized everything that was stolen from her.Crusher definitely had a biker lite feel to it though it had lots of action Even with its issues, I enjoyed it and look forward to the next one.What I Struggled With 1 The editing This book is in desperate need of an editor, both for content, grammar and the neverending typos.2 The repetition Another thing a good editor would have picked up on but if I had to read how sweet little Ally had the whole MC wrapped around her finger one time my head was going to explode.3 The length In order to tie everything up, it fe...

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    Crusher and Carly s story is just as good as the first book I love this series and can t wait to see what happens between the other characters in the up coming books.

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    It Grabbed My attention and focus so strong I could not put it down A word of advice when you get your copy Grab a snack, a comfy seat, kick back and relax You will not be moving until you finish this bad boy here ...

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    Good addition to the series It s been a while since I read book 1 and found it a little difficult to follow all the characters in the beginning of the book It could be read as a stand alone but would be less confusing if you read the first book prior to reading this one.

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    My favourite character is a little pint sized cutie, who I m fairly certain is the star of the series I love these two MC families Can t wait to hear from them

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    The thing I like about this series is that it is not hard core MC lifestyle Is there action yes, is there a sense of family yes, most important are there alpha bikers most definitely yes but these are not dark hard core bikers The men all grew up in the MC as their fathers founded it Crusher will be the next president when his dad steps down Carly is the daughter from another MC who is over bikers and doesn t want anything to do with themuntil she meets crusher When she finds out who he is she decides to run back to her family and find out the truth With a rouge member of her family s MC and his minions on her tail crusher decides sh...

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    Carly grew up in the MC life and wants nothing to do with it So much so that she became a deputy She constantly butts heads with Crusher They had one night together and Crusher knew he had found the woman for him When Carly found out who and what he was, she took off When Carly discovers that her past wasn t what she thought it was, it puts her in a tail spin Crusher will do whatever it takes to help Carly and convince her that he is the man for her.Carly and Crusher s story gets us even further into this MC and this is where I really g...

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    ONE INTENSE EXPERIENCE A whirlwind of activities and events that keep you flipping page after page Talk about a wild rollercoaster ride of deceit, lies, hatred, fury, backstabbing and all out betrayal Twists and turns abound with unexpected circumstances that really pull this bad boy together flawlessly It doesn t get any better than this The characters were mind blowing and authentic with personalities that screamed for respect Sparks fly as suspense and danger ensues in epic proportio...

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    Carley and Russell Crusher are fireballs from the start, always doing or saying something to piss the other offinstant attraction Carley is fighting the attraction as she doesn t want anything to do with an MC as she had a bad experience with it while growing up She is helping Sami and Ally move into Speed s house when she discovers a note wr...

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    Wow Another great read in the Black Hawk MC series, I am so hooked I honestly am not sure what is better the guys falling for these amazing women, the ongoing underlying story line that just drives you to continue to turn the page or oh my god, the perfect little she devil named Ally Whatever your preference, this series contai...

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