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Empire DJ Who Is The Empire DJ His Voice Moving Nations Into Chaos, Stirring The Maddening Few To Great Power And Delusion As Order Crumbles In The Wake Of His Hypnotic Sound Who Is The Empire DJ The Question Eludes Yumi, A Reckless Gambler And Talented Musician, Who Finds Herself Playing High Stake Games In A City Midst The Throes Of A Revolution Making Her Escape, She S Confronted With The Ambiguous And Mysterious Threat Tearing Apart Cities.With His Ominous Voice And Message Ruling The Fate Of Many, Yumi Confronts A New Reality As She Is Faced With The Truth That Revolutionaries Are Made By The Moment, Always Born Into The Dark Empires They Rebel Against Sometimes A Circumstance Of Destiny, Other Times Of Calculated Design Who Is The Empire DJ

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Empire DJ book, this is one of the most wanted Kaye Wagner author readers around the world.

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    Almost skipped itAlmost passed this one up but was hooked after reading the sample This is truly a unique take on dystopian books I think The story is centered on a group of young drifters musicians and their struggle to survive in a post apocalyptic world I never encountered a story like this, and sure enough, even my expectations about a story like this were shattered All the characters are unique and strong and divers...

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    This was an excellent read I loved the characters and the intertwining plots The author has great talent for creating well rounded characters, attention to detail and stories that keep you flipping the pages.I would definitely recommend Empire DJ to anyone who enjoys dystopian books packed with action adventure and there s even a tiny bit of romance Yumi is an interesting main character Without giving too much away I just want to say Yumi is a complex, independent girl and it ...

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    The accounts giving this book five star ratings seem to be fake All rated the book on the 24th of November Female models passed off as user pictures.If you reverse search tineye.com the user Tanya s picture, who rated this book 5 stars, you find that user picture to actually be an image from a website The other...

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    DNF at 63% At first, it was okay despite being in desperate need of an editor Then the awkward phrases started to be amusing Then making fun of the book became like shooting fish in a barrel and it stopped being funny any Awkward phrase 1 the a an adjective name For example, chapter 1 features the gambler Cortez At different points in the chapter he s referred to as the smiling Cortez, the annoyed Cortez, an angry Cortez twice , the confused Cortez, and the moving Cortez I eventually decided to interpret this as a multiple personality disorder made physically manifest in all characters, which worked to keep me amused for a while It didn t last though.Awkward phrase 2 the expression body part of name It s like the author didn t quite get a grip on English possessives Examples the aggravated silence of Kara, the awkward smile of Julian, the fingers of Yumi, the immediate concentrated ears of Pippen Occasionally it s appropriate, but mostly it s just weird I decided to assume for a while that everyone is a set of disconnected body pa...

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    Empire DJ is not a good book, and, in fact, it feels a little like a train skidding off the rails while some of the cars are on fire and the rest are really preoccupied by soccer The characters are undeveloped, a lot of the book s length feels like an insane set of strung together cliches, and the tone veers from overplayed melodrama to tongue in cheek action with no warning whatsoever Characters are fully introduced in the book s second half and then almost completely forgotten, the set up of the dystopia in which this story is set is confusing and unclear, and, for a book that s set up to do so much with music, it spends a lot of time on the intricacies of soccer teams Past that, the entire book is crippled with typos Strange capitalization, scrambled plurals and possessives, and run on sentences plague this book.Despite all that, I wasn t bored by a single page of Empire DJ, so I gave it two stars I can t recommend it, but undern...

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    Surprise of a readStory pulls you in and through the book page by page It sort of couples the elements of mystery, intrigue, romance and a fresh coat of paint on a theme Empire DJ does all of those things The story of Yumi, a musician looking for the next big break, searching out and trying to solve the question of who is the Empire DJ is intriguing and will keep you guessing every step of the way.What really made this story click ...

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    Exciting New SeriesThis was a very well written book with an interesting plot and a cast of colorful characters I can t wait to read the next book in the series.

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