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What If Just for Today WHAT IF JUST FOR TODAY Is An Interactive Self Help Journal Guiding Women, At Any Age, Towards The Love Of Self From The Inside Out Through Fun, Art, Creativity And Purposeful Interactions The Book Has Art Work Created By Myself And My Grandson With Related Questions For The Reader To Answer And Space To Draw Or Doodle The Book Is Full Colour To Represent Living Life Full On This Journal Is An Invitation To Come Out And Play With Your Creative Inner Child Who Loves YOU Unconditionally It Is A Map To Finding Your Brilliant, Succulent, Loving Self In Action, A Process That Feels Good From Your Heart To The Tips Of Your Toes It Celebrates Your Uniqueness On Each Page And Asks You To Create Your Masterpiece Of Endless Possibilities No Matter What Else Is Going On In Life, WHAT IF JUST FOR TODAY Can Make YOU Magnificent.

Dubbed a boost of happy , Lee Pryke, ushers her audience to align on a personal and professional level, laughing often and loving self Lee s eclectic approach of connecting the dots unfolds in her workshops, soul coaching, as an author, creative writer, and inspirational speaker Her words are life changing, pivotal, and transformational they have the power to mobilize you Founder of I Am I Ca

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    What If Just for Today a Journal of Endless Possibilities is a delightful interactive book that I started using today when I received it and look forward to using to keep my spirits high The first page that I used was on What If I am Fearless and you list things you want to do I am only going to share my first idea and that is to raft the entire length of the Grand Canyon over 300 miles of riding the rapids It sounds like one of the most exciting vacations that I can think of doing and it would be my second trip down this part of the Colorado River.What If Just for Today a Journal of Endless Possibilities will be fun to finish with wild adventures and things that make you feel good.I received this book from Goodreads First...

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    This was a perfect little book journal to complete in the middle of a cold snowy winter It just exudes positivity which is exactly what I needed in my life right now Definitely not a traditional type of book, but I really enjoyed all of the fun little activities and self affirmations This would be great for anyone else who is searching for a little positivity or reassurance in ...

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    I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway.This book was such a fun happy little read The authors joy love for her grandson was really well represented in the pages.While looking thru the book, I couldn t help but think that this would be a wonderful booklet for self help, motivational or ...

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    Delightful Lee s book inspired the child in me to come out to play I ll keep this handy for days when I need to remember how to enjoy life.

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    This is my first published book and I am very pleased with the content and message.

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    This was a great activity book

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