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Shadow of a BullManolo Olivar Was The Son Of His Father Which May Not Seem Like A Necessary Thing To Say But In Manolo S Case It Is For His Father Had Been Juan Olivar, The Greatest Bullfighter In All Spain And Manolo Was His Son In Two Special Ways One, He Looked Just Like His Father And Two, Everyone Expected That He, Manolo Olivar, Would Repeat The Success Of His Father, Would Be Just What His Father Had Been A Fighter Of Bulls And A Killer Of Death.

Maia Wojciechowska was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1927, and later lived in France and England Eventually, her family moved to the United States A writer of books for young readers, in 1964 Maia Wojciechowska wrote the book Shadow of a Bull , which was named the Newbery Medal winner in 1965 In 2002 she died of a stroke in Long Beach, New Jersey She was seventy four years old.

Epub ➜ Shadow of a Bull Author Maia Wojciechowska – Instaposter.us
  • Hardcover
  • 176 pages
  • Shadow of a Bull
  • Maia Wojciechowska
  • English
  • 02 February 2019
  • 9780689300424

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    This review contains spoilers This book is really, really good I usually spend a good amount of time during these reviews going back and forth on why or why not the title we re discussing is or isn t Newbery worthy I m not going to do that this time There s no question that Shadow of a Bull is distinguished and award worthy I love how compact the story is It s a novel about growing up, becoming a man, facing fears and finding identity all packed into 150 pages There s plenty in there about fighting bulls too I feel like I could do it now I still don t feel like the fighting is really fair, though I mean, the bull gets killed way often than the bullfighter, and the odds are kind of stacked against him Several characters in the book say that the bull really wants to die this way, but I call bull crap no pun intended ...

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    Shadow Of A Bull is a well written Newbery Medal winner The book was recommended by a teacher who had read it to her class I enjoyed Maia Wojciechowska s writing style The town, suddenly, like a spring gushing from under a rock, flowed into song The guitars began a race the tambourines of the gypsies joined in and the castanets, like a million clattering hoofs, lent their beat p 60 They listened to the quarrels that erupted like brush fires and died as suddenly as they started p 61 I had to force myself to complete the book What I learned from the book is that I have an intense dislike for bullfighting It tortured me to read of the bulls being taunted, attacked by picadores and killed by the bullfighter after showcasing the his skills Bull heads were sometimes preserved and hung on walls in commemoration of animals courage The goring of the matadores seemed senseless I resented the six men in black who prepared Manolo Olivar for his bullfight that was to be his c...

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    BULLFIGHTING is the setting of this book, but not the topic The topic is a rich, nuanced look at patrimony, heritage, honor, courage, and your duty to community expectations Wojciechowska is not concerned with debating ethics and animal cruelty she is only interested in bullfighting as a backdrop to her story about a boy s decision on how to be brave and how to spend his life.That being said, this book is a wealth of information about the art and culture of bullfighting If you are disgusted by descriptions of killing and goring, then you will not enjoy this book Wojciechowska unsqueamishly shows both the beautiful and ugly parts of bullfighting, but she makes no effort to debate them This book could just as easily have been written about skiing.The plot a boy is told he should be a bullfighter, but he s not sure he wants to be is hardly unique However, it is presented in this novel with a rare honesty and complexity I was in steadily mounting suspense to see how the dilemm...

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    There was a nice little story in here about bravery and learning to live the one s own life versus the one others expect, but the truth is, I m never going to enjoy a book about bullfighting.

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    Learned a lot about bull fighting but it reads a little like a textbook in the first half in that you have to keep flipping to the glossary at the back for an explanation of italicized terms Throughout the book the author glorified the artistry of bull fighting without addressing the downside when bullfighting began to develop in Spain, it was a pastime for the noblemen only Through careful breeding, the bulls developed their extraordinary bravery which is completely lacking in all species of bulls except those raised on our peninsula As the bravery was bred into them, cowardice and tameness were bred out And today there is as much resemblance between a brave bull and an ordinary bull as there is between a wolf and a lap dog Don t expect it to be an even contest The bull must die Only sometimes, very rarely, does the bull not die If he lives after he enters the arena, it is for one of two reasons either he has been too cowardly and, disgraced, will meet his death outside of the ring, or he has been so brave that both the bullfighter and the public wish to spare him to perpetuate that extraordinary bravery in his descendants Don t waste your pity on the bull He will fight for his life, and he will die in battle An...

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    Shadow of a Bull by Maia Wojciechowska takes place in the province of Andalusia, southern Spain, which is characterized by majestic mountains, lacey olive groves, the round symmetry of the bullrings, and the pointed church steeples Manolo Oliver is the son of the greatest matador in Spain, Juan Oliver, who was killed by a bull and is expected to someday follow in his fathers footsteps but there is one problem Manolo does not want to be a bullfighter and is afraid of bulls Unfortunately for Manolo at the age of 12 he has to fight his first bull The story leads up to the climax of the final bullfight and the courage and bravery it takes for him to get there In this book Manolo is expected to be just like his father and follow in his footsteps In my life I am expected to do a lot of things my parents have done but I am still working on them Manolo also faced his fear of fighting a bull at the age of 12 and I faced my fear of heights when ...

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    My opinion about the story was good because it has a lot of surprises and it was also very entertaining What I have learned in this story is that you can t live up with expectations of other people You have to know what you want in your life and do the best you can in order for you to fulfil your dreams and ambitions in life however knowing what you want is not easy you need to have a strong determination to be successful In order for you to be successful you have t...

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    I would recommend this book to someone that was interested in heritage of spanish bullfighting It was very moving about a boy and his fathers death and the love they had A male audience young and old would like this book The title is appropriate but can be misleading in a way that you may think that the main character may be a bull I felt sorrow for the main character to find strength because he had to struggle...

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    I read this book when I was younger and loved it The main point of the book was that there was a boy who was expected to follow in his father s footsteps as a bullfighter but he s afraid of bulls and doesn t want to fight them This book is a great way to show kids that they don t have to do what others expect of them to do and that they should always ...

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    Only three discs long on audio book So very, very good It s recommended for 10 and older I m not sure if it is because it describes a bull fight and that might be considered too intense for younger readers ...

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