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Winter's TaleMark Helprin S Masterpiece Will Transport You To New York Of The Belle Epoque, To A City Clarified By A Siege Of Unprecedented Snows One Winter Night, Peter Lake Master Mechanic And Second Storey Man Attempts To Rob A Fortress Like Mansion On The Upper West Side Though He Thinks It Is Empty, The Daughter Of The House Is Home Thus Begins The Affair Between A Middle Aged Irish Burglar And Beverly Penn, A Young Girl Dying Of Consumption It Is A Love So Powerful That Peter Lake, A Simple And Uneducated Man, Will Be Driven To Stop Time And Bring Back The Dead His Great Struggle Is One Of The Most Beautiful And Extraordinary Stories Of American Literature.


[EPUB] ✰ Winter's Tale By Mark Helprin – Instaposter.us
  • Paperback
  • 768 pages
  • Winter's Tale
  • Mark Helprin
  • English
  • 02 January 2017
  • 9780544320420

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    I have no doubt that there are worse works of fiction in existence, but this is the worst one I ve read It is written for people who like the sound of language in their head, who want to feel long streams of words washing over them Judging by the popularity and success of this author, and others like Proulx, there are a lot of those people But it s a terribly low standard that, in this case, gives us page after page of constructions like this Across the river was an eighteenth century knoll with trees standing upon it like peasant women with arms akimbo, and the spotlight of the sun firing their green tops, while black shadows below suggested a grove of infinite proportions Disregard the grammar What makes a tree covered knoll an 18th century one How on Earth can trees look like women with their hands on their hips and their elbows out Groves are, by definition, small if it looks infinite, don t call it a grove I swear I m not being unfair in my quotation picking Before writing this review, I flipped back through the book at random, finding some ludicrously juvenile word dumps every time I stopped Hilariously, you don t need to take my word for it because this kind of self in...

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    I wasn t planning to read this book again, when my friend Lynn picked it for our October real life book club selection I d read it in 1985, and while I didn t remember a lot of details, I do remember absolutely loving it And then it happenedAt the September meeting, the attacks started Well, said one woman, I almost never give up on a book, but I couldn t take than a hundred pages of this one And could somebody please tell me just what the heck a cloud wall is supposed to be It s so L O N G, said another member I m about a third of the way through, and I m not sure I want to finish, whined yet another. Wait a minute, I was thinking I LOVED this book, didn t I Or was I just young and stupid and idealistic when I read it So, I read it again, and yes I LOVE THIS BOOK It still casts a spell, and the same things that enthralled me over 25 years ago still gripped New York City, based in reality, yet tinged with fantastical elements and teeming with larger than life characters Winter cruel and beautiful, pristine and cold enough to freeze rivers and lakes the ice deep enough for palaces to be built and carnivals to be held on the frozen bodies of water Magic drifting through the book in wispy tendrils, and clou...

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    The last thing Mrs Gamely said to her daughter was, Remember, what we are trying to do in this life is to shatter time and bring back the dead Winter s Tale is a BIG book I refer not only to its 748 page length, but to its ambition It is a big book about big ideas, and it takes some big characters to realize the author s ambition There are a few here Colin Farrell as Peter Lake, the rock on which Mark Helprin builds much of his story, shares his genesis with the likes of Moses and Kal El, set adrift as an infant in a small craft in New York harbor when his immigrant wannabe parents are about to be turned away Foundling Peter is raised by a group known at Baymen, an unusual band that is part deep interior bayou folk and part Native Americans They inhabit, and work the Bayonne Marsh, a piece of New Jersey visible from New York harbor His story is the primary character driven thread here We see Peter and this world from the beginning of the twentieth century to the turn of the millennium Peter makes his way from Dickensian street urchin to mechanic to gang member and burglar, to something grander.Listo as Athansor is a great white horse, the stuff of legends, which comes in handy when there are impossible distances to be leapt and rescues or escapes to be effected ...

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    Ulysses is the most important book in my life Winter s Tale is my favorite If Ulysses is like that boyfriend girlfriend with whom you re Totaly Fucking In Love, and with whom you constantly fight, and break up, and get back together, and cheat on or get cheated on by, and break up with again, and get back together with again, and sit in your car outside their house listening to Fall Out Boy and crying and about whom you talk incessantly to your friends about what an Impossible Heartless Pointless Slutty Asshole they are and then light up like a schoolchild on Christmas morning when you get a text message from them, then Winter s Tale is like the best friend who you kind of secretly want to marry one day Winter s Tale is an 800 give or take page metaphysical fairy tale about a fictionalized New York City Its extremely historical and should appeal anyone who, like me, is a geek for anything about the history of Manhattan particularly in the sections set amongst the gang wars in the five points nei...

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    If it s possible for a novel to establish its author as a good writer but a poor novelist, Winter s Tale might be the book to do it Helprin has great talent for description, good talent for language, remedial talent for storytelling and almost nothing that resembles perspective.There s a passage somewhere between pages 600 and 700 where Helprin goes hog wild in his description of the opening shot of a billiards game The spheres are crashing and the green felt is cowering and the angles are all aligning and it comes pretty close to being squirmingly bad, a moment when one feels a bit embarrassed for the author What makes it important to an analysis of Helprin s work is that it shows that for Helprin words are really the only important elements of writing that is, the ideas they express are accidental results of the sounds they make and the ephemeral effects they have.There is a pretty rich story here, though, sometimes Peter Lake is a likable character, and his romance with Beverly Penn is an intriguing and touching one.But then we put Mr Lake away for a long time than half this enormous novel and describe ...

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    Flowery and ultimately meaninglessThere are many beautifully descriptive passages, mostly of the wind snow the best are those concerning the magical horse Althansor Unfortunately, there are many of them, and I found my heart beginning to sink whenever another chapter began with another beautifully descriptive passage about the wind snow.I never did discover a plot The human characters came and went without any real impact, either on the story or on me, although the magical horse is characterized probably better than most Peter Lake does span the whole novel, but he spends the final part in a daze of incomprehension which I shared The occasional moments of drama all resolved easily and without any great surprises.I was irritated by the wholesale dismissal of non central characters, but it seemed I was ...

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    So what if Helprin s political views make me want to spew in the nearest barf receptacle He created Peter Lake, and I don t care about much else This is an intense example of magical realism At times, the reader must willingly suspend his or her disbelief until the very notion of disbelief is shot straight to hell Still, it is about the journey Helprin takes us on not the destination we anticipate at the beginning of the story Meet Peter Lake a middle aged, exceedingly clever burglar who is brought into the world under extraordinary circumstancesthe rest of his unimaginably incredible life is, in essence, comprised of one miracle after another, until your brain is dangerously close to bursting and your eyes are brimming at the mere thought of him He s kind of a riot, and possesses an Irish you ll come to find that while he s not an authentic Irishman, he owns the title for a reason wit that is inexhaustible, though not overstated Peter falls madly in love with Beverly Penn, a beautiful, frail young woman who despite her few years on Earth displays the wisdom and sensitivity of someone five times her ageShe s almost unearthly, and her love for Peter Lake is like an infinitely blazing star, or rather, a universe of infinitesimal blazing stars t...

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    Wow This is the worst magical realism book I ve ever read, and I ve read Salman Rushdie s Fury Bottom line is that I don t mind crap, but I do mind deadly dull crap Everything happens without much point, even within the universe of the book Why would a super idealistic newspaper run a column entitled The Mayor Looks Like an Egg Period. Why is it that the one horrid person in the universe is a complete buffoon What was the point of the horse other than a deus ex machina Why did the little girl die in the first place What is the point of her coming back to life Why did we hear about Beverly s so called prophecy of the little girl in the last 50 pages of the book And worst of all, why is there that complete copout of for what happened to Peter Lake, it must be left to the reader s imagination My imagination s pretty strong, I could have imagined what happened to him about 500 pages before it was actually asked of me Such a pointless waste of time I m going to make an exception and write a review even before I m done with it, because I m not sure I ll remember or even want to when I m done with it I can t remember where I read it, but I did I swear, that Mark Helprin did not consider Winter s Tale to be Magical Realism In fact, I reme...

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    I ve got little chance of meeting my reading challenge this year because I keep reading books that weigh than I do This one runs to almost 750 pages On the back cover someone refers to it as a gifted writer s love affair with language, which perhaps is a polite way of saying it s a very self indulgent novel Essentially, it s a writer with prodigious resources of vitality and mental agility enjoying himself I won t attempt to outline the plot because, at best, I only half understood it It s a kind of alternative history of New York bristling with whimsy flying horses and psychopathic dwarfs in fancy dress and rather half baked philosophy But for all that it is enjoyable Principally because Helprin writes so well You always see, hear, smell what he describes The visuals are often fabulous with many memorable images but it s perhaps a novel of brilliant setpieces rather than one of compelling narrative drive and consistency This partly due to the e...

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    Wow This book is magic And I do not mean it is magical to read, but that literally it contains magic.Let me start by stressing that this novel is for READERS Not people who say they like to read but only do so occasionally or lightly Or even those who do delve into many wonderful works but only when the stars are aligned This is a rewarding and wondrous book for those who will actually take time for it and really get lost inside If you are not that kind of person, than maybe you should pick something else b c otherwise you may grow tired, try to force through it, steamroll along, missing the point, the wonder, the magic This book deserves than that When I first began, I was a little thrown off by the style and the story itself, but soon I was caught inside and it was wonderful I read all the time and very, very seldom do I find myself so complet...

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