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The Firecracker and the Rocket (Holiday Jobs that Dont Suck, #7) Sparks Will Ignite Under Their Passion If These Two Can Just Get Their Acts Together.Casey Has Held A Yearlong Crush On Vin Sumpter When The Man Keeps Coming To His Place Of Work With Date After Date, He Calls Vin Out On It Only To Come To Find Out Things Aren T What They Seem Now, It S A Month Later, And Casey Is Still Embarrassed As Hell When Vin Decides To Work At The Fireworks Tent Located In The Parking Lot Of O Dwyer S, The Pub Where Casey Works.Vin Sumpter Is Tired Of Playing Cat And Mouse Ever Since His Friend Derek Pointed Casey Out To Him, He Hasn T Been Able To Keep The Man Out His Mind So, When He Is Offered The Chance To Work Near Casey, Vin Does Everything To Make The Man His.Will Sparks Begin To Ignite For Vin And Casey And What Will Happen When Vin S Summer Term Is Up And He Has To Leave Campus


[Epub] ➣ The Firecracker and the Rocket (Holiday Jobs that Dont Suck, #7)  ➤ Jackie Nacht – Instaposter.us
  • ebook
  • The Firecracker and the Rocket (Holiday Jobs that Dont Suck, #7)
  • Jackie Nacht
  • 04 May 2019
  • 9781771116008

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    This review can be found at Brief Encounters Reviews.This is a sweet little college romance set in the same universe as the other stories Casey has been lusting after Vin for a while and Vin keeps bring his dates to Casey s pub where he works, both men and women This just annoys Casey and , thinking the guy gets around One day he snaps and says so out loud, only to find out that they aren t his dates, but merely friends and fellow students, leaving Casey mortified Even worse, Vin is now working at the temporary fireworks vendor in the pub parking lot and ends up having lunch and drinks during the hot hot days at the pub.Finally Vin forces the issues and explains that he has no hard feelings for what Casey said and it made Vin realize maybe he was giving off an image he didn t want unintentionally So now they re finally together, but Vin has to head home for the summer just a...

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    Reviewed for Hearts On Fire ReviewsVin often comes to the restaurant where Casey is a waiter and he brings his dates with him Why then does he keep flirting with Casey Finally, Casey just snaps about it He has a crush, even if he hasn t let Vin know, and he kind of makes a boob out of himself At work, in public, no less Embarrassing So now Casey is mortified and what s a guy to do Now Casey has to navigate his way to an apology for acting like a drama queen and Vin has to find a way to show who he really is The story is short and cute And I loved the parts that seemed so real life such as when Casey climbs in the truck with Vin and his frien...

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    Maybe 3 if you are just looking for a short, light, no muss no fuss read.Vin crushed on Casey, so he goes into the restaurant he s a server at for months, always with a different person Casey likes Vin, but seeing him with a ...

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    2.5 stars Not my fave in this series I just didn t connect very much with the two MCs which is what makes these stories for me Vin and Casey were Ok, but I just didn t feel the same chemistry with them as with the other guys in this series.

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    Quick read, story under 30 pages All stories in the holiday jobs that don t suck series are loosely connected.

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    The Holiday Jobs that Don t Suck series is definitely a fun and sexy series to read and get addicted to Each story really brings something special to the series and I ve enjoyed every one of them.For several months now, Casey has had a crush on Vin Unfortunately for Casey, Vin has an endless supply of dates and because of this, has a reputation that Casey can t ignore To make matters worse, Vin seems to always bring his dates to the pub Casey works as a host at, and every time Casey sees him with someone new, it breaks his heart a little bit .Finally, unable to take it any, Casey causes a slight scene from venting his frustrations about it to a co worker and friend within Vin s eyesight Unfortunately for Casey, he finds out the truth behind Vin s many dates, and is both humiliated and embarrassed to think he was so quick to pass judgment on his crush.Now, Casey must swallow his pride and try to get Vin to forgive his self proclaimed immature scene he made But when Casey notices that Vin is working at the firecracker stand just outside the restaurant, he...

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    Reviewed at The Blogger Girls.Casey s been crushing on Vin for months but the fact Vin comes into O Dwyer s every week with a different date means Casey has no chance of being with him When Casey realizes just who the people are that Vin brings to the bar, he feels stupid and humiliated But Vin won t let Casey off so easily and he ll do whatever he can to make Casey realize the only person he wants is Casey.Possibly one of my favorite out of this series, I absolutely adored the fact that Casey seemed to put his foot in his mouth when it came to Vin But then I loved that Vin, even though he was insulted by Casey, still pursued Casey and wanted something with him As a couple, they were sweet and adorable and I just really wished we could have gotten to see them getting to know each other.In the end, another good continua...

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    In the seventh book in the Holiday Jobs that Don t Suck series, we find Casey, who has been harboring a crush on Vin, a freshman football player However, he s somewhat heartbroken and very annoyed by the fact that Vin continuously comes into the restaurant, where Casey s a waiter, with a different person on his arm Little does Casey know that Vin has been keeping an eye on him as well.D...

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    I really like this series Short and sweet Vin is a sweetheart, forgiving and patient I m glad Casey finally took the chance for them All s well that ends well, great beginning for the two

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    Short and sweet with a little insecurity thrown all up in it.

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