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The Queen's SecretAt The Power And Mercy Of The Court Her Life Was A Struggle To Keep The Queen S Secret.Katherine Of Valois Is Born A Princess, The Daughter Of King Charles VI Of France But By The Time Katherine Is Old Enough To Know Her Father, He Is Called Charles The Mad, Given To Unpredictable Fits Of Insanity Aged 19, She Marries Henry V Of England In What Was A Happy But Tragically Brief Union Ending With His Untimely Death.As Joan Of Arc Incites The French To Overthrow The English, Katherine S Loyalty To England Is Intensely Scrutinised So Much So Her Baby Son, The New King, Is Taken From Her And She Was Forbidden To Re Marry The Young Queen Is Alone And Desolate But When She Meets Handsome Owen Tudor, Her Life Is Changed Forever As She Is Drawn Into A Dangerous But Irresistible Love.

Jean Plaidy which had sold 14 million copies by the time of her death She chose to use various names because of the differences in subject matter between her books the best known, apart from Plaidy, are

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    I have memories of always enjoying Jean Plaidy s historical fiction, but this one fell flat for me.It had momentum in the beginning, during Katharine s childhood with her mad King father Charles VI of France and her seductress mother Isabeau of France It kept that momentum when Katharine was given in marriage to the new conqueror of their country, Henry V of England It lost that momentum after Henry s death, which disappointed me because at that point in the story Katharine enters into an illicit relationship with one of her servants, Owen Tudor that last name sounds vaguely important and they have to keep their marriage and the multiple children that they have an absolute secret, hence the title The Queen s Secret It should arguably be the most interesting, suspenseful part of the book at that point The problem for me was that this is written from Katharine s point of view, and she is very blah I m sure that the actual Katharine wasn t blah, but Jean Plaidy drops the ball in portraying her Her only thoughts are how much she loves Owen and her children and how scary it would be to lose Owen and her children Makes sense to think feel these things, but when you just read POV variants of those same 2 thoughts for 300 pages it Gets So Repetitive I kept checking back to make sure Plaidy wasn t copying pasting because so many of the sentences sounded familiar a...

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    This is one of the mystery books that s been laying around the house for years have no idea where it came from some bag sale years ago Someone left it I d never picked it up because I knew that Plaidy was Victoria Holt, but it somehow never made it into one of the donate bags I finally decided to give it a try All I can say is how on earth has this writer sold many millions of books as of the publication of this edition in 07 was over 14 million The writing is unbelievably flat and boring Opening at random I knew so well by now the story of Jacqueline s second marriage to the Duke of Brabant who had foolishly allowed himself to be tricked by her scheming uncle, who had made a treaty with the Duke that all the property left by his late brother to his daughter should pass to him And it s all like that Or worse The love scenes are quite hilarious There were times when we lay in bed when Owen would whisper to me of what was going on in France It is always dangerous, he said, when a country extends its dominions Communications have to be kept up Armies have to be sent to guard the outposts It is never easy Such passion And so convincing as 15th century pillow talk Just like the protagonist referring to the ruling class and constantly wishing she had been born in a humble cottage and not a princess There are best selling authors in every genre who are bestsellers because they deliver well written, engaging tales that allow the reader...

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    I will also do a video review here at my channel The Queen s Secret by Jean Plaidy tells the story of Katherine of Valois, daughter of King Charles VI of France, wife of King Henry V, mother of King Henry VI, and grandmother to King Henry VII Katherine grows from a princess to a queen and witnesses the wars between France and England and the inspiration of Joan of Arc My first Jean Plaidy novel I ve heard nothing but good things about her historical fiction The Queen s Secret was well researched and well written I think my only negative about the book was that it was a rather short read I m used to lengthy historical fiction I felt like many of the events in this book, like Katherine s childhood and the death of Henry V, flew by and then she s married to Owen Tudor I felt like Plaidy took her time with the middle of the story, with Katherine s second marriage and the turmoil going on between France and England and the arrival of Joan of Arc After the middle, I felt like the entire ending flew by Owen, Katherine, and their children are separated, they re all imprisoned, and then Kath...

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    This seemed written on a juvenile level It was just a little too cheesy for my tastes Although billed as historical fiction, so much of the book is contrary to the history books of this time period I am not sure I am interested in reading by this author, even though I had very high hopes.

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    Meh I picked this up because a I have a friend who loves this author, b I love historical fiction, and c this is a period I know little about so wanted to read about it But the writing style was so bland to me There was so little emotion It was mostly dialogues taking place in settings that weren t even described much, so it was impossible to picture any of it No real depth of character, all surface Really, it felt like the author was using a timeline and just w...

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    This was the first Plaidy book I d read in years, ever since high school actually I remembered loving her stuff back then, but as I read this one The Sun in Splendour, I had the sense that the books were copiously cribbed histories with a minimal effort at dramatizing the whole thing No doubt a reason why she was so prolific I still like Plaidy, and will go to her first before a wealth of other HF authors including such hyped stars of today like Elizabeth Chadwick and Sharon Kay Penman Plaidy...

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    The story of Katherine of Valois, from her childhood in France to her death I really loved this book, it s my favorite Plaidy so far.I did find the writing a bit formal and stilted feeling, but that didn t take away from the story I felt like it actually made Katherine come alive as if it was her upbringing and strict manners that influenced the writing.This book clears up where the Tudor...

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    This was a fantastic retelling of the life of Katherine, wife of Henry V and later mother to the Tudor dynasty One thing I particularly enjoyed about her story is that unlike the majority of other women you read about in this genre, she wasn t particularly concerned with power or advance...

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    Was hoping to get a sense of who Catherine of Valois Owen Tudor were, but instead got cardboard characters and a story that skims the surface of a relationship that changed the course of English history Very disappointed in this writer.

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    This book was horrible The writing style made my eyes bleed The entire book was completely passive There was no action, little dialog, no emotion and little to no character development I wouldn t wish this book on anyone.

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