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Mo' Meta Blues: The World According to QuestloveYou Have To Bear In Mind That Questlove Is One Of The Smartest Motherf S On The Planet His Musical Knowledge, For All Practical Purposes, Is Limitless Robert ChristgauApunch Drunk Memoir In Which Everyone S Favorite Questlove Tells His Own Story While Tackling Some Of The Lates, The Greats, The Fakes, The Philosophers, The Heavyweights, And The True Originals Of The Music World He Digs Deep Into The Album Cuts Of His Life And Unearths Some Pivotal Moments In Black Art, Hip Hop, And Pop Culture.Ahmir Questlove Thompson Is Many Things Virtuoso Drummer, Producer, Arranger, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Bandleader, DJ, Composer, And Tireless Tweeter He Is One Of Our Most Ubiquitous Cultural Tastemakers, And In This, His First Book, He Reveals His Own Formative Experiences From Growing Up In 1970s West Philly As The Son Of A 1950s Doo Wop Singer, To Finding His Own Way Through The Music World And Ultimately Co Founding And Rising Up With The Roots, A.k.a., The Last Hip Hop Band On Earth Mo Meta Blues Also Has Some Many Random Or Not Musings About The State Of Hip Hop, The State Of Music Criticism, The State Of Statements, As Well As A Plethora Of Run Ins With Celebrities, Idols, And Fellow Artists, From Stevie Wonder To KISS To D Angelo To Jay Z To Dave Chappelle Toyou Ever Seen Prince Roller Skate But Mo Meta Blues Isn T Just A Memoir It S A Dialogue About The Nature Of Memory And The Idea Of A Post Modern Black Man Saddled With Some Post Modern Blues It S A Book That Questions What A Book Like Mo Meta Blues Really Is It S The Side Wind Of A One Of A Kind Mind.It S A Rare Gift That Gives As Well As Takes.It S A Record That Keeps Going Around And Around.

Ahmir Khalib Thompson born January 20, 1971 , known professionally as uestlove or Questlove also known as BROther uestion, Questo, Brother Question or Qlove , is an American drummer, DJ, music journalist and record producer He is best known as the drummer and joint frontman with Black Thought for the Grammy Award winning band The Roots, serving since February 17, 2014 as the in house band f

➽ Mo' Meta Blues: The World According to Questlove Download ➺ Author Ahmir Questlove Thompson – Instaposter.us
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Mo' Meta Blues: The World According to Questlove
  • Ahmir Questlove Thompson
  • English
  • 19 February 2017
  • 9781455501373

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    Confession To my knowledge, I ve never heard a Roots song Everything I know about the Roots comes from hearing them as the house band on Jimmy Fallon and on the wonderful viral videos of the group playing Call Me Maybe and Blurred Lines on kids instruments Truthfully, I went into the book hoping to read a bunch of Jimmy Fallon and celebrity stories What I got instead was the story of a man my age who pours his love of music onto every page uestlove shatters all of my hip hop stereotypes by pointing out just how in love he and his fellow artists are not just with a select few artists, but the entire universe of music He draws you into his life story and how he consumed every bit of music growing up, from the grooves in the speakers to the grooves in the record The stories of reading reviews in Rolling Stone, being blown away the first time he hears certain artists, and even the memories forever tied to certain songs, album covers, and record labels will ring true to any person who ever geeked out on music uestlove shares how his musical family gave him his education, even giving him a memorable visit with KISS, while also laying the foundation for the hard work that has gone into uestlove s career Even though there are very few Jimmy Fallon stories, or much dishing of dirt, the book is full of a music fan and artist s love for both the history and the present of his art form Like a hip hop Dave Grohl, his love for what he ...

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    Music has the power to stop time When I listen to songs, I m transported back to the moment of their birth, which is sometimes even before the moment of my birth Old songs, rock or soul or blues, still connect with me because the human emotions in them, whether jealousy or rage or hope, are recognizably similar to the emotions that I m feeling now But I m feeling all of them, all the time, and so the songs act like a chemical process that isolates certain feelings at certain times maybe one song helps illuminate the jubilation and one helps illuminate the sorrow and one helps illuminate the resignation Music has the power to stop time But music also keeps time Questlove, Mo Meta BluesI have to admit that I don t know much about The Roots I did see one of their former members, Rahzel the Human Beatbox, perform at the University of British Columbia some years ago but I would be hard pressed to name a Roots song However, I think that everyone knows Questlove with his easily recognizable afro which he seems to have had since he was a baby Questlove mentions in the first chapter of this book that he didn t want this to be a traditional memoir It definitely does seem to be unique to me it s like a scrapbook filled wit...

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    Mo Meta Blues substantiates all that I originally suspected about Questlove s musical nerdom As the child of a moderately successful former Do Wop singer, coupled with an upbringing steeped in drumming, Quest seemed predestined for his current post as leader of the Grammy winning Hip Hop group The Roots In the realm of percussion, his skill with the sticks is undeniable Where things become doubtful, are in Questlove s recollections of his childhood and music To hear someone cite their grasp of adult oriented albums while they were mere infants is beyond farfetched I m all for the idea of kids being intellectually and emotionally advanced for their age but we have to be reasonable The strength of any memoir is in its effectiveness in conveying the story of the individual s being highlighted Mo Meta is sound in that respect As a member of an alternative Hip Hop collective, it didn t come as any real surprise that Questlove s taste in music was not bound by any particular genre Though it did catch me a bit off guard, stumbling across an incident where he and some black musician friends are profiled by the boys in blue while blasting U2 s album The Joshua Tree Not...

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    5 stars And you gave David Byrne s book 4 What Yep You aren t even a Roots fan, why Because Questlove made me head over heels in deep smit of him Not just for his character as a human being, his intellectual mightiness, charm or even having the best stories about Prince everit was because he made me see music with a different lens and perspective than I had before He renewed something in myself I lost He made me fall in love with idea again that the re...

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    when you live your life through records, the records are a record of your life drummer, dj, producer, and co founder of the legendary roots crew, ahmir questlove thompson is a one of the music world s most virtuosic individuals possessing talent in spades, uestlove s accomplishments are many, but it is his encyclopedic knowledge and abiding passion for music past and present that set him in another realm mo meta blues is indeed a music memoir, but the story of a life shaped by song most of all.quest begins his bio with the obligatory childhood recollections, albeit ones perhaps far fascinating than the average musical superstar lee andrews, his father, helmed a philly based doo wop group, surrounding and immersing him in the music industry from a very young age questo revisits his formative years in west philly recalling an early and still enduring obsession with rolling stone and record reviews in general, the first time he heard sugarhill gang s rapper s delight, as well as the artists and albums that defined this era of his life his love for pri...

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    I remember when I first heard The Roots My singer put this new group from his hometown on and our whole band all just sat in his apartment playing with his pet hedgehog, silently, listening to their entire first album I remember a few quiet holy shit s during Dice Raw s breathless tightrope act of a freestyle We all felt that something had changed Finally, someone had made live hip hop work Questlove talks about his own formative musical experiences in his memoir He s around the same age as me, so we have some of the same touchstones He talks about how the sonic assault of Public Enemy s Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, which has still never been matched, filled my head It enlarged me I had that moment with PE too, lying on a hotel bed with headphones on just, like, holy shit, these guys are so far beyond that they ve reinvented notes. He also talks about how puzzled he was when he first realized white people were getting into rap, and, well, I was there for that too Hi So a lot of this book is about music, and how Questlove feels music, which is very deeply, and he s one of a very rare breed of people who can explain in words why music is so important to them You don t have to be a fan of rap or deep Stevie Wonder album cuts to appreciate this book, but it doesn t hurt.But by the second half he s exploring The Roots place in black culture the meaning of the black avant garde, black art, black nerds he repeatedly desc...

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    Anyone who has ever heard or read Questlove during an interview knows that he s probably the most unpretentiously scholarly musician on the scene today he talks about music his own and others in the way we re used to seeing filmmakers or novelists discuss their respective arts The breadth and depth of his music knowledge would have to be unparalleled it almost certainly is in the modern music industry but what stands out the most about Questlove in interviews is his enthusiasm for music.That enthusiasm is on every page of Mo Meta Blues, Questlove s memoir of his life in music, and it s infectious as hell Knowing a bit about music myself nowhere near Questlove s level, of course , I got a lot of the references to artists, albums and songs throughout by the time I was on page 20, I already wanted to make a playlist of every song he mentions By the book s end, I was compiling a list of artists I wasn t as familiar with because he gushed so much over them It s hard to imagine anyone reading this book and not doing the same, Questlove s sense of joy and awe over his favorite artists being impossible to avoid.The benefit of his being a consistent force in hip hop but never quite achieving superstardom of J...

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    I don t usually read non fiction and I honestly can t think of the last memoir I read In light of that, Mo Meta was my natural choice to deviate from the norm, because I love The Roots I ve been a fan for a while now, and I admire Quest and the entire band as musicians Plus, I m from Philadelphia There s something about being where an artist is from that makes you almost feel connected to them To add to that, I grew up specifically in South Philly, so there was also that.Anyone who follows Quest knows that he s a music head This book lays out the extent of how much so, and it s really impressive As I was reading, I had to stop several times to check out some of the songs he was referencing because the way he talks about them really makes you want to stop and listen It would have been cool if this book had music clips I know with copyright that would be nearly impossible and also time consuming, but one can dream Just to explain In his memoirs, Quest tags certain songs to certain points in his life and even does extensive lists in between chapters that catalog each set of events I found that fascinating and I was envious that he has this ability I remember plenty of songs from when I was growing up, but not nearly as well, and when I do, the memories attached to them aren t as salient.In the midst of this he talks about his parents, who challenge what he listens to He also talks about the inceptio...

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    I absolutely loved this book I enjoyed the musical journey that Questlove shares with the reader as he talks about the early years of his life He provides awesome playlist that just make you want to dance This book would be great as an enhance media document where you could listen and download music as you read I would also like to see some the album covers that he describes so beautifully.Questlove shares a lot of personal stories in the memoir He talks about attending the prom with a beautiful girl who will go on to record several hits and hanging out wit...

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    Memoirs, especially those by musicians, are rarely part of my reading diet Add this to my admittedly shameful ignorance of most of hip hop s history, and I had no idea what to expect with this book.What I got is an almost absurdly intelligent man s meditations on music, art, culture, race, and beyond, told in a voice ...

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