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A Dream of the Past Marcila Doesn T Fit In On Her Home Island Of Slinaria When She Finds Out Her Father Abandoned Her As A Toddler, She Goes To The Mainland To Search For Him.She Discovers Magic Is Than Myth And Learns Wonders Beyond Comprehension But When A Young Caden, A Magical Creature With Unlimited Power And A Simple Mind Comes Into Her Life, She Cannot Ignore The Urge To Help Him.But There Are Those Who Want To Kill The Peace Loving Cadens And Bring About Their Demise With The Help Of Mages And Civilians She Meets, She Makes Plans To Stop The Caden Killings.

all I have novelish stuff coming out soon I ve been ghost writing for a few years, and now I m ready to get back to my own fiction.I m giving away PDFs of my YA book, Constantine and the Summer of Lies If you want one, write me at lisacathazard yahoo.comYep, Hazard I ve been married for over five years and from now on will publish under the name Lisa Rusczyk Hazard I mean, is that last name rad, or what Thanks for checking out my author page and I hope you enjoy my books if you happen to pick them up

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    Rarely do I come across a book that seems as though it were written just for me Well, this is one of those times A Dream Of The Past by Lisa Rusczyk is of the mold of fantasy that I prefer The kind that seems as though it is being sung before a warm fire by an ancient bard.What begins as a rather deceptively simple Coming of Age story grows into one of the epic tales I ve read The world the author has created is quite intriguing and has me yearning to read tales in this wonderful setting More importantly, the characters are as unforgettable as the compelling plot I also enjoy the touches of light humor interspersed throughout the story.There is plenty of action and magic But this book is quite different than the usual role playing game style of contemporary fantasy books The strength of ...

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    Can I take a moment to say that I love the names she came up with these characters.Marcila, Nakkir, Jai, Callypse, Scryer, Reila, Fafnel, and Jamiserion are the main characters we follow through this journey.I ve said it before, I ll say it again, Lisa s imagination AMAZES me The story line, the characters, the places, everything I loved A Dream Of The Past Marcila and her story How she is so logical, yet has to confront things that go against every logical thought she has had in the past How Nakkir starts to change as a result of being with these people How Calypse is the leader that she knows she is, even though her father doesn t feel she can be it How Reila ends up being than she believes that she can be The things these incredibly different people accomplish when they all are together.A Dream Of The Past reminds me of Full Moon In December in the fact that you have all of these characters starting off on separate journeys but they come together to fight the emperor and Gamane I want to tell you so much about the story, but I feel like if I tell you this or that it will give away a major portion of the plot Each scene in the book is an intricate part to the whole story and we can t be having that I will say that if you would love to take a journey to a fantastical place where y...

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