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Forgive Me Father for I Have Loved Father Dane Caruso Has Been A Priest For Seven And A Half Years And Certain Of His Affirmation To Help The Catholic Church And Preach The Word Of God He Was The Person Everyone Called On During A Crisis Or Emotional Devastation Dane Was Everyone S Rock However, All That Came Into Question After The Death Of A Dear Friend Dane Begins To Look At His Life And Do Some Soul Searching, Revisiting Situations And Monsters From The Past That Continue To Rear Their Heads In His Time Of Need And Spiritual Upheaval He Seeks Relief In Unconventional Things, His Flesh Forcing Him To Make Choices That He Knows Are Not Healthy Trying To Get Back On Track, He Goes To A Local Park, One Of His All Time Favorites, And Sits And Simply Thinks, Day After Day, Trying To Heal A Broken Heart.As He Continues To Visit The Park For Peace Of Mind And Solace, He Can T Help But Notice A Beautiful Bohemian Woman She Than Catches His Eye, Arousing Feelings In Him He D Suppressed Since He Entered The Priesthood He Can T Get Her Out Of His Mind, And Though He Can T Put His Finger On It, She Appears Familiar To Him She Is Practically His Polar Opposite, Yet The Two Forge A Friendship Built On Humor, Respect And Admiration However, The Struggle Soon Ensues Once Dane Realizes He Likes Her To Be Than Just A Friend, And He Has To Make Serious Choices That Could Affect So Many People Who Love And Depend On Him.He Is At A Crossroads Does He Give Up The Priesthood To Be With Her, Or Forge Ahead, Forgetting About Lotus, The Angelic Songbird That Floated Right Into His Heart______________________Please Note Though This Book Is Not Classified As Erotica, It Does Involve The Following Subject Matters Topics Ideals, Which May Be Offensive To Some Audiences Religion Particularly The Catholic Faith As It Pertains To Priesthood It Also Includes Detailed Sexual And Intimate Depictions Of A Consenting Couple And A Host Of Situations That Are Adult In Nature This Book Is Not Intended To Encourage Or Discourage Those In The Catholic Faith It Is A Love Story That Deals With The Human Experience In Its Totality.

Tiana Laveen was born in Cincinnati, Ohio She moved away, and now lives inside of her mind, but her heart is occupied with her husband, two children, and twisted imagination She enjoys a fulfilling and enriching life that includes writing books, public speaking, drawing, painting, listening to music, cooking, and spending time with loved ones.Tiana Laveen is a uniquely creative and innovative au

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    Revisited from 6 24 6 27 15 This was even better the 2nd time around.Giving this one 4.5 stars After reading this gem of a novel, all I can say is that this is not your average everyday IRR love story It s a story that transcends race and religion, but speaks to matters of the heart, faith, love, forgiveness, and redemption I was well pleased with the fact Ms LaVeen has chosen to focus on the story rather than just erotic aspects of the story After having read her Saint series, I was glad to know that Ms LaVeen was not stuck as a writer of IRR erotica Street Lit.As a writer, I believe that Tiana LaVeen is just hitting her stride and beginning to perfect her cr...

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    OMG. I just finished this book It was SUPER FANTASTICALS I want a husband like Dane Dane is a man who loves so strongly, PASSIONATELY, and deeply The piano love scene moans O_o This was a beautiful story Rhapsody is one blessed chick I attended Catholic ...

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    This is a love story, but it is so different from anything this author has written Dane is a priest, who falls in love, and this is not erotica this is romance, you get to watch he a Rhapsody fall in love and it s...

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    Ugh Lost a huge review Hate it when that happens to be continued.OK this may be a tad spoilerish, but not in details so much as overall This was a a fairly decent read Its been on my list FOREVER but with me being so moody about what I read, it took a while to find a couple of days that said Catholic guilt to me LOL Lets go with the pro s first.Laveen OBVIOUSLY did some homework in terms of Catholicism, the priesthood and the repercussions that would follow a situation such as this Father Dane s life, his interaction with his peers and even with the heroine, Rhapsody yes, I know I just can t with that name were very much in line with what I would expect from someone in his dposition He was likeable, committed and even in the midst of his personal upheaval, his FAITH was without question I never felt he didn t know his own mind or was some how just in denial while enjoying getting his kicks That s huge because I think a story like this could easily run that risk if not handled correctly.The author also TOOK HER TIME Now, let me be clear with that lol There WAS one point where I did think it was almost moving too slow The friendship developed over time, and even though we as the reader can pick up the cues that, Hey y all are feelin each other , and it was clear that THEY knew of the attraction it was also clear they had ZERO intention of doing anything about it An...

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    I started listening to this book Kindle Fire on my drive from Atlanta back to NC and was riveted to the story I m not Catholic so the details about the religion captivated me The love story was awesome Well done

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    This was a really beautiful and original love story It started off a bit slow before the characters met up but once it got going I couldn t put it down I d recommend it.

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    Every thing is but for a moment I like bed this book and reading it from Dean s point of view Made it relatable Dean is compassionate and oh so alpha and showed an humanistic story side to priest and a deeper understanding of how things in life change He loved being a priest, but he knew on a deeper level that something was missing and that something was the love of a good woman I what he found with Rhapsody was something unique, irreplaceable and indescribable The letter from his best friend Josh was heartfelt and I cried right along with him This was another amazing read by Ms Lavern I believe that there are people out there like Fr Fitzpatrick who give up another chance at love for duty, and I believe there people like Dean who take a chance and grasp the opportunity that are placed into their path Not everyone ...

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    The blessing of a divine love I ve had this book for a while and I wasn t sure if I was ready for it I m not Catholic so that wasn t an issue Even if I were, I know things like this happen and every story is different But I knew reading it would make me cry and I was right.I love Tiana s writing style because she goes deep with the characters and they come alive I found myself feeling Dane s pain when he found out his best friend Josh was dying I could feel his struggle to not go over the edge of no return Rhapsody had her own struggle and just like Dean, she had nobody to confide in Her volatile relationship with her sister didn t help She had her mother but the love of a sister is a special bond that would ve helped her get past her self doubt about her love life Dean and Rhapsody both had demons that kept them hostage to a life they thought was hopeless God answered their prayers when the time was right They found love in the mist of the storm of self doubt a...

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    I ve seen this book around and for some reason never chose to read it Well, I m glad I finally did This was beyond my expectations.

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    MY RATING 4.5 STARS Review to Follow

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