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Grandmothers Letters Louise S Friend Is Dragging Her Along On A Dubious Treasure Hunt She, However, Would Rather Be Reading The Recently Discovered Letters Written By Her Great Great Grandmother, Georgiana Donahue Meanwhile, Xavier, A Young Law Student, Is Facing Struggles Of His Own He Can T Find A Job, His Uncle Is Constantly Belittling His Late Father, And He Can Hardly Stand His Seemingly Perfect Cousin In The Next Town, An Old Man S Reclusive Ways Are Disturbed When He Agrees To Let Malcolm Moore Do His Yard Work Although He Desires To Return To His Seclusion, He Is Perplexed By The Moores Willingness To Welcome Him Into Their Lives Almost 100 Years In The Past, Georgiana Donahue S Life Was Turned Upside Down In The Course Of One Eventful Year, And She Was Inclined To Blame God For All Of Her Troubles Little Did She Realize That The Searching Letters She Wrote To Her Brother And His Wife Would End Up Touching So Many Lives, So Long After They Were Written Suggested Age Young Adult

My name is Rebekah First and foremost, I am a Bible believing, born again Christian Currently, I am in the midst of writing and editing several books and short stories I also love to read and will, LORD willing, post reviews of many of the books that I read Besides reading and writing, I also enjoy studying homemaking, music, herbal medicine and history.

Free ↠ Grandmothers Letters  By Rebekah Jones –
  • Paperback
  • 382 pages
  • Grandmothers Letters
  • Rebekah Jones
  • English
  • 02 August 2017
  • 9781489510303

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    I enjoyed this story and really liked the characters at least most of them P I loved the way the old letters and the questions they sparked touched so many lives, so far beyond what their author could ever have imagined.Rebekah Jones does a great job of building mystery and suspense maybe a bit strong for this story, but definitely curiosity just in the way she switches back and forth between scenes and characters with no obvious connection Somehow it makes me eager to see how everything s going to tie together than a lot of regular mystery books I ve read The style wasn t quite as polished as the first book of hers that I read, but that wasn t a big problem There were several loose ends left hanging though the little epilogue was adorable and a couple of things that seemed a little bit forced or flat to me, but with this many elements, the fact that there weren t a lot is a big compliment view spoiler Specifically, the...

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    This book was a joy to read Miss Jones draws readers in through many different ways a mystery about a lost treasure, questions about the old trunk, a fun and interesting cast of characters, heartfelt spiritual lessons, and a cozy story telling style The mystery kept me guessing until its conclusion a satisfying who would have thought solution Louise s rich and overly bold friend Priscilla, who was wrapped up in solving this mystery, was hilarious.The old trunk full of family heirlooms represented where the past and present intersected I loved how history touched and changed modern day lives through Louise s great great grandmother s letters You ll need a web to connect all the characters watching their stories gradually weave together was a delight Miss Jones portrayed their deep struggles clearly but with an economy of words, and their resolutions were perfectly paced Almost every person s story was moving Mr Centenarian s story was probably my favorite, but I liked Louise s and Xavier s as well As an author myself, I was also intrigued by Xavier s perfect cousin Adrian Terrence, who was an auth...

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    Age Appropriate For 10 and up for some mildly intense momentsBest for Ages 10 18This book reminded me of older books Not only was their language a little formal, it also went at a steady but slow pace I enjoyed a break from the normal rapid pace of most modern books Since the story was well written and kept moving, it never felt like it came to a standstill.The characters were well developed, each having a unique personality and different reaction to similar situations I felt sorriest and also liked Xavier the most, as I thought he had such a rough life and no one to guide him However, Louise was a very close second Her searching for the truth and not giving up was great to see.There were two points that caused this to be only four stars The first one is that the character cast is very similar to those found in Journey of the Four, so much so that at times it felt like the same book Secondly, I thought Adrian was wrong for not standing up to his father when his father was being unreasonable, making unbiblical demands of him putting money before principle I strongly agree that we are to honor our parents always, but you can honor them while refusing to do as they ask.One of the things that I most appreciated about this book and all of Jones books is the tough questions of faith and morals that are asked and the biblical a...

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    Overall, the book is well done It can be slow at a few points but for Christian families looking for good literature for their older children, this would be an excellent choice Rebekah was able to weave many different characters and their stories together in a way that was really neat to behold by the end There were several points where I was like, Wow So that s how they connect The characters all go through different paces of spiritual growth that can encourage the reader or that the reader can relate to She gives the Gospel message and incorporates Biblical ethics without coming off too strong or distracting from the different plot lines.The end is easily the best part because that is when everything just falls in...

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    This book was a very refreshing read Rebekah Jones did a fabulous job with this book I really enjoyed Louise s family I loved the idea of her finding her great grandmother s letters and reading of her struggle and then her faith in Christ I love things like that.I think one of this author s strengths is description She described everyone and everything so well I really enjoyed Adrian I was skeptical of him at first at hearing Xavier s opinion of him, but Adrian turned out to be a really godly man and I enjoyed reading his story He always seemed to reply a harsh word with kindness.One thing I do wish is that the epilogue was longer I wanted to hear about what all the rest of the characters were doing and what happened to them, but that is only my personal opinion.Overal...

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    I couldn t decide weather to rate this four or five stars, but decided to go for five because this is one of the cutest stories I ve read in awhile Clean, no romance, cool message and not overly preachy, this is an awesome story When I started reading it, I thought it was a quick, light read with n...

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