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Out of Options When Connor S Rent Money Is Due And Not Even Hooking Can Make Up The Shortfall, He Is Willing To Do Almost Anything So When Playboy Jarrett Makes Him A Very Generous Offer, He Doesn T Look Too Closely At The Terms And Lives To Regret It Because Now He S Literally A Slave To Jarrett S Sadistic Appetites, And The Longer He Stays, The He Feels His Own Identity Slipping Away.Note This Story Was Previously Published In The Like It Or Not Anthology.

Naomi Brooks has been writing since age 9 when she wrote a short story about giants that won a school contest She continued on, writing Twilight esque angst in high school, and later Star Wars and Highlander fan fiction in college and beyond She went pro in 2006, collaborating with Angelia Sparrow.While she s not trying to tame plot bunnies, Naomi enjoys PC gaming She as a well established neig

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    Not for the mildly curious Connor is out of options Taking what he thinks is a goodwill offer, not charity and finds out that he really should read the fine print The too good to be true warning bells should have been going off madly but sometimes we just ignore them Jarrett does than take Connor under his wing he takes him as a pet This treads a very fine line for me regarding personal enjoyment and skips further away with the lack of emotions from Jarrett I either need a complete psychopath or concerned interaction between violence cruelty for it to work All that said, it is a bit too quick in the telling and felt rushed or I would have rated it higher even though it s not completely to my taste Recommended for hardcore kinksters who like punishments, forced feminizaiton and c...

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    3 Stars This is hard to review The writing was fine The premise was interesting But neither guy appealed to me or seemed believable I know it was a short story and it is hard to be invested in characters that you barely meet But still For me it just didn t click.Connor works in a call center trying to get people to agree to have a vacuum cleaner demo He struggles to make ends meet and to supplement his earnings he moonlights as a rent boy once in a while This is how he meets Jarrett.Jarrett seems really nice They both like kissing They both say no to kink They are both liars Up until now I was liking what I was reading Then Connor finds himself in dire straits and calls Jarrett to ask for help.Jarrett had offered, let s be clear on that And when called upon he is than happy to help, even giving a hand with Connor s job hunt He offers to support Connor for 3 months Even draws up a contract Rea...

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    Personally, I think this is a really scary story Not blood curdlingly horror scary, but psychologically intimidating I guess it got to me on a fundamental level the personality change one of the main characters, Connor, goes through is huge He goes from a self sufficient, if struggling, man with his own life to being the other main character s literal slave pet While I could follow each of the steps of the process, and Connor seemed to acquiesce to the whole situation, I cannot help but think that this is a case of very clever brainwashing and that, given a choice, Connor would prefer to be his own man again I mean, who wouldn t And maybe my reaction totally misses the point, because there are people who like being taken care of to that degree I know that But in Connor s case, and having seen the brutal, economically based blackmail Jarrett uses to get him to sign the contact, my reaction is very negative and it stops me from being able to like the story Hence, the 2 star rating For me, it is okay as a story, even psychologically interesting, but on an emotional level I hated what was done to Connor.For about the first third of the book, we see Connor ...

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    If a contract is too good to be true, then it probably contains a hidden catch Connor learns this the hard way.Connor is a guy who possesses little skill sets to make it in life He doesn t have a good education and very little marketable skills He s the below average Joe working on commission and struggling through life It s not easy for him When he s desperate to make ends meet, he does what many in his position do he sells his body.Connor s saviour is Jarrett, an occasional repeat client The sex is good and vanilla safe When Connor is let go and can t find another job, his last resort is to beg Jarrett for a loan This is where the story becomes good This short tale turns from depressing to sadistic kinky sex Authors Angelia Sparrows and Naomi Brooks kicks up the non con element with some depraved sexual slavery It happens very fast and it twists this novella into a guilty pleasure read.Some of...

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    This No No thank you Started off sort of okay Proceeded to be not okay any.

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