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The Alpha Takes a Mate (Wolf Pack Mates, #1) Taige York, Eve Lang, And Ginny Thomas Move To An Old Schoolhouse To Turn It Into A Craft Market Taige S Well Rounded Body Calls To Jasper Lyall, Alpha Of The Nearby Werewolf Pack, And Also To Cornelian Bardolph, His Right Hand Man But The Pack Is Not Happy With Humans Living So Close Nearby And Especially Not With Their Alpha Befriending One.While The Three Women Are Cleaning Up The Old Building And Turning The Schoolhouse Into A Craft Market, And Jasper And Cornelian Are Busy Getting To Know Taige In Human Form, And Trying To Find Out Whether She Likes BDSM Sex And Werewolves, The Rest Of The Pack Is Set On Preventing Jasper And Cornelian From Spending Time With Their Woman Then The Pack Decides To Frighten The Humans Right Away From The Area And Jasper Still Hasn T Gotten Around To Mentioning The Word Shape Shifter To Taige Yet Siren M Nage Everlasting Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM M Nage A Trois Romance, M F M, Shape Shifters, Spanking, Sex Toys, HEA Word Count 35,794

Cara Adams adores erotic romance, especially m nage, BDSM, and shape shifters One day someone said to her, Why don t you put them all in one book So she did Cara loves sunshine, heat, and hot summer days, so she s not sure why she spends so much time in Ohio every year Her plan is to become rich and live on a beach somewhere, likely Hawaii Reading is her life long all time favorite thing to

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    Taige York moves into an old schoolhouse with her friends, with the intent to build a craft market Oblivious to he fact that there is a werewolf pack nearby, she is surprised to find herself in the midst of the seductive attention of two men, Alpha Jasper Lyall and his beta Cornelian Bardolph Not everyone is happy about the alpha hooking up with a human though, they are intent to cause mischief and run the humans out of town Jasper wasn t sure initially if Taige was of a temporary lust or if it was something , he quickly realizes that she is meant to be his mate and plans to convince her of that with the help of his friend Cornelian.I wanted to like this one ...

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    FantasticI really enjoyed reading this story It did seem to drag in a couple of places but otherwise flowed smoothly, had great characters and was interesting The BDSM aspects weren t as pronounced as in other stories, but did carry many elements of a Dom ...

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    2 1 2 stars A reasonable storyline but definitely romantic than sexy and also quite tame given the strong hints about how deeply involved Jasper is in the BDSM community The relationship between Cornelian, Jasper and Taige develops quickly ...

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    This one was picked up for the Kick s Ugly Book Cover Adventure.and while I should have gotten to this in Julybetter late then never I wish I passed this one up.I got to about 54%and while it is a typical Siren Shifter Menage.for some reason the predictabili...

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    The story was good, but too short Everything happened so fast that it sort of bored me.

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    Interest to read and Great stoerylines throughout the book

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    To me it did not have enough of a plot to make them fall in love.

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    I have been thinking about this story for a few days now trying to decide how to describe it and my feelings about it I am absolutely positive I have read The Alpha Takes A Mate before but didn t write a review I must have read it a long time before I started writing reviews I feel like I have a lot to say and am a little nervous that the negatives will outweigh the positives So, here we go The Alpha Takes A Mate is not exactly a good title for this story since there are TWO men in the relationship the reason for the word M NAGE in the blurb, hellooo making the title not fit the story Kind of felt like who ever thought of the title was totally discounting Cornelian s role in the relationship, not cool.According to the blurb I am not sure that the part I am talking about is actually part of the blurb but that is where it is located there is BDSM and toys in this erotic paranormal tail There are toys briefly and the BDSM is along the lines of a thought process rather than the hot, steamy graphic acts I was expecting when the words EROTIC, TOYS AND BDSM are involved When I see the word EROTIC in connection to a story I think am thinking some majorly graphic sex scenes, don t get me wrong the were some graphics but they felt like token offerings, kind of like the one scene where everyone wolfed out.I really liked the characters, they were entertaining in their interaction with each other but the story line was rather anticlimactic Wow, my husband is right, this does...

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    My Rating ACCEPTABLE The characteristics of a 2 heart story include a passable story but there was some element s that kept it from being a good story and, it won t make it to my read again pile I would not easily recommend it to a friend but would not rule out the possibility My Thoughts The story was an average shapeshifter romance Sadly, I did not really care for the story or the characters all that much The story had too many elements that didn t connect well The addition of Jasper being a Dom being an alpha of a pack of Dom s was just too over the top Actually Jasper didn t play the role of a Dom very well at all I am not sure why that element was added into the story but I would have probably liked it better if it wasn t because it seemed forced Not every book HAS to have a BDSM element added into it I also thought that things happened too fast Taige accepted kissing them and sleeping with them just a bit too easily It was almost like, sure I m the chunky girl so I ll take whatever affection I can get And the club incident She had never been with two men before or played in a BDSM club but the author portrayed her as a trained sub She never complained about the double penetration or the nipple clit clamps Another thing that bothered me was Eve s response to it all OkTaige easily accepted her relationship with the men But Eve, her super protective friend just accepted the men without any question to Taige or them about their intentions toward their friend She didn t s...

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    The book was okay I wish it was longer by telling their mating together and an epilogue.

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